Front stairs, Back stairs and interior stairs most homes in the San Francisco and peninsula have some sort of stairs, Having served this area for over 35 years we have found that wood stairs are probably the most neglected portion of the home.San Francisco Back Stairs

Wood stairs suffer the most because of their nicks and crannies that allow moisture to accumulate and eventually deteriorate the wood, then one day your foot goes through a step or the handrail comes off in your hands or worse.

When your stairs need  repair it is important to use a professional knowledgeable in local building codes. Stairs must meet stringent building codes to provide safety and longevity. Many homes have stairs that when build were up to code but no longer meet present day requirements. These stair may be able to be upgraded to meet codes, making improper repairs may negate your option to repair in kind and require the building owner to have plans drawn and bringing the stairs up to full compliance.

EHB Constructions many years of experience in all phases of stair building and working with local building officials which could save you money

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